About Us

Dark Theme Tab is our answer to the fragmented and diverse needs of users, spending lots of their time browsing the internet who like to use dark theme. From now on the starting page might be not simply a search bar with standard services, but something more... or less! it is always up to you.

We`ve launched an opportunity to apply the dark mode for a new tab. It`s realised by changing the original tab with a custom one in a dark theme design, since Google doesn`t permit extensions working on its new tabs.

Dark Theme Tab with New Tab replaces the original new theme on dark mode with your saved bookmarks and offers a variety of quick and useful features.

Once installed Dark Theme your New Tab search is changed to Bing. You can manage this option in the settings menu “Apply for New Tab”, like enable/disable dark new tab at any time and return the previous settings.

This project is proudly developed by the dedicated team of a Bigture company. All rights for the technology, design, and content developed belong to their respective owners.